Ganirelix 250mg Prefilled Syringes


Ganirelix Acetate is an injectable gonadotropin releasing hormone with specific antagonistic (blocking) activity. It is indicated for the inhibition of premature LH (leuteinizing hormone) surges in women undergoing controlled ovarian hyperstimulation. Ganirelix Acetate is available as a prefilled syringe containing 250mcg/0.5ml.

How It Works

Ganirelix Acetate is an injectable medication administered subcutaneously. Ganirelix is typically administered once daily. It is initiated a few days after FSH (follicle stimulating hormone) therapy and should be continued until the day of HCG administration. Ganirelix Acetate works immediately by suppressing LH and FSH secretion. This allows for eggs to reach the level of development needed for fertilization.

Instructional Video

Storage Instructions

Ganirelix can be stored at room temperature.