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Compounding Solutions

Drug compounding is the art of preparing medications from scratch to produce a product consisting of the exact prescribed medication while incorporating the unique needs of the patient and physician. This is achieved through working together with the patient, physician and pharmacist.

When a patient obtains a physician’s prescription for compounding, we consult with the patient to find the best form for them to administer the product while incorporating the medication prescribed, and the ingredients needed to properly compound the product to specification.

Some patients have medical issues that make traditional delivery methods such as pills difficult to utilize. Specialty compounded medication can be delivered in a variety of options such as topical creams, suppositories, sublingual tablets, and liquids.


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Our certified pharmacists and technicians use mortars, pestles and digital scales to literally hand-make these compounded medications to each patient’s individual prescription and desire. These are not traditional techniques found in chain pharmacies and can help when medications are not available, do not exist at the prescribed dose, or when there is difficulty in administration.

If any emergency medication is needed or immediate questions arise, please call the pharmacy directly for heightened priority.


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