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Hormone Replacement Therapy 

     As one of the leaders in the Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT) arena, our specialty division offers patients the ability to obtain customized bio-identical hormones in almost any strength and in different forms. We can compound hormone therapy dosages into small capsules, lozenges and creams and can be delivered straight to your home if desired.
     When a doctor prescribes HRT therapy for a person, many times the same medications are needed but in many differing strengths and combinations. Braun will work with your physician to determine the best form to use and incorporate all the different medications into a single dose. This concept saves patients from buying many different medications with multiple co-pays and enables one co-pay and one dose to cover everything all at once. Easy to use, more economical, less medications to keep track of, while simple and effective.

Braun stocks a complete selection of specialized HRT medications.
Note: We carry these medications daily but are not limited the meds listed below. For a complete list please contact us.
   - Bi-est

   - Estradiol (E2)

   - Estradiol Valerate (E2V)

   - Estriol (E3)

   - Estrone (E1)

   - Methyltestosterone

   - Progesterone

   - Testosterone (T1)

   - Tri-est

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